Linda Ritson


Linda is a First Class Diver, Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer with several years of diving experience in a range of locations, and as a former regional coach and working 'behind the scenes' at BSAC HQ is familiar with the policies and procedures that relate to club management.

"My dive journey began by being encouraged to go for a 'try dive' by my father, who took up scuba diving as his 60th birthday present to himself!  Since then I have worked my way through the different qualification levels of BSAC  and have trained to dive on a rebreather as well as progressing through the instructor side.

There is more to scuba diving in the UK than the pure qualifications and experience, there is a whole social aspect and camaraderie in belonging to a club, and I firmly believe that people only get out of things what they put into them, so am keen to ensure that EMSUB is a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all with whom we come into contact!"


Paul Ritson

Club Welfare Officer

Paul is a First Class Diver, Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer and rebreather diver who has spent many years working with children, young people and vulnerable adults in a range of adventurous and outdoor settings.

"My dive journey began in 1998 with the opportunity of a free "try dive" with EMSUB, an event that BSAC used to run as an annual promotion event.

Since then I have become passionate about diving and am never happier than in the water.

As an outdoor pursuits instructor already delivering canoeing, climbing, caving, mountain biking and orienteering, I was keen to find a sport I could just "do" without instructing, but that ambition did not last long!

As a part of the East Midlands regional team as well as an instructor in the club, I deliver almost the whole range of skill development courses alongside the diver training programme".


Karen Furzeman


Karen is a Sports Diver with a keen interest in marine life and expanding her dive experiences around the UK coastline and further afield.


Stuart Bone

Equipment Officer

Stuart is a Dive Leader who returned to the club after several years of independent diving, mostly in Spain, re-joining the club where his diving life first started many years ago!

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Richard Croft

Diving Officer

Richard is a First Class Diver, Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer with many years of diving experience around the world.

"I have been diving since 1995, when I started my journey by learning to dive in the local pool, which at that time took 12 sessions.  Then I became a 'novice' diver - not a great name but it says everything!

I quickly progressed through the grades getting my Sports diver in the same year, my Dive leader the  year following and my Advanced Diver a year later.

I have been lucky enough to travel and dive all over the world: Cuba, Maldives, Egypt, Mexico (both coasts), Saba, Farne Islands, Plymouth, Weymouth etc.

I eventually reached the highest grade within the BSAC of First Class Diver in 2017 and the year before that I also got my Advanced Instructor grade.

I am an active instructor within the East Midlands region and am passionate that the BSAC diver training program is amongst the finest in the world.

My role is to ensure that all diving is safe and that training is to standard

I hope to see you join our branch to start your diving adventures".


Rob Straw

Treasury & Memberships

Rob is a Sports Diver who is enjoying learning about the range of diving available at inland and coastal sites around the UK and the rest of the world.


Hannah Townsend

Publicity and Social Officer

Hannah is almost qualified as a Dive Leader and is about to progress on the route to become an instructor.  With several years of swimming instruction experience behind her, Hannah is keen to help others develop their scuba passion!