How to continue your diving skills during Covid 19

While we can not dive in the beautiful seas and murky pits of Stoney Cove we can continue to practice our theory skills and turn the lock down into a positive by learning some new ones. Below is a list of some of the fantastic activities and opportunities set up for you to get stuck into!

1. EMSUB will continue to hold out club meetings every Tuesday via Zoom -Click on this Zoom link shortly before 8pm on Tuesdays to "join" the meeting. The link will take you straight to the meeting on ZOOM. You will be asked for a meeting ID and password, enter these details when prompted:

Meeting ID: 734 0981 3697

Password: 9nrsaN


Once you have joined, you can turn on your video and sound if needed by clicking on the camera and microphone buttons in the bottom left hand corner.

2.BSAC are offering online training and lectures for ocean dicer, dive leader and advanced divers, visit their schedule of events here

For further information and guidance on how to keep save please follow BSAC advice from professionals in the industry visit

For further information and guidence on how to keep save please follow BSAC advice

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