Chris in GOZO

With 3 non divers in our group we needed somewhere that would be a holiday for all and Gozo provides this. Gozo is one of 3 Maltese Island’s in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is smaller, less built up and far more relaxed than Malta.


  • Sun

  • Clear blue warm sea

  • Lots of Marine life

  • Drive on left

  • Speak English

  • Cisk

  • Kinnie

  • Pete’s G&T’s


  • No Sharks

The diving company we used were Blue Waters Dive Cove owned by Franco. His team are extremely friendly and professional; they really can’t do enough for you. We sorted out our flights, 3hrs from East Midlands, and Franco sorted out the rest. There was a car waiting for us at the airport, 40 min drive to the ferry, a 25 min ferry and then Franco waiting for us as we departed the ferry.

The Dive company are based in Qala a beautiful little village 5 mins from the ferry and where the villa was that we were staying in. The relaxed laid back style of the dive company allowed us to be very flexible when we dived, being considerate to our non-diving members. Six dives were completed and consisted of:

Dive 1 – Xwenei bay 12.8m 53min

A nice shallow dive to start the holiday off, which allowed us to check our weighting and make sure all our kit was working as it should.

Dive 2 – Xlendi Harbour 19.8m 55mins

This is very popular harbour for visiting tourist along with divers. Plenty to see with swim throughs and small caves to explore.

Dive 3 – Inland Sea 27m 55mins

This is an interesting dive, starting off in what looks like a quarry. You go down to about 5m and swim through a small arch way which opens up to about 25m and a large slit off blue water appears, It is truly spectacular

Dive 4 – Blue Hole 24m 48mins

This is probably Gozo’s most famous dive site. The Azore window used to be here before it collapsed into the sea, making the dive site more interesting

Dive 5 – Middle Finger 29m 48mins

This is great dive to see all there is that Gozo has to offer. It starts off very shallow, where you then swim over to a pinnacle. that drops down to over 100m. you go down to the depth you want and then slowly work your way back up.

Dive 6 – Xatt L-Ahmar Bay. 26m 64mins

This is the dive site where the 3 main wrecks are, however we decided as a group that we would just stay on the wall and not go down to the 35m wrecks. What a decision that turned out to be as we saw everything we wanted to see. Octopus, eels, nudibranch and the illusive seahorse that we had been looking for all week.

All too quickly our holiday was over and we were on the ferry back to Malta heading towards the airport. Thanks to Paul, Sheila, Pete, Hillary and Sharon for their great company. Blue Waters Dive Cove really made this holiday a great relaxing time on Gozo.

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