So, you have found our web site and are interested in learning to dive.

Well, the best thing would be to follow this link which takes you back to our parent training organisation, the British Sub Aqua club to tell you about the core training and qualification advancement route.

What I would rather do here is tell you why you should pick our branch over some of the others, or even some of the commercial schools.

Thus, first of all I am assuming you are local to the East Midlands area, if you are in Scotland, well it would be a very long commute and pointless (although we do accept social members if you are still tempted)!

Right, got over that hurdle, why EMSUB to learn to dive or maybe to continue your diving journey?

Well, we are a nice size club with around 20 members, all of them active divers, not a branch that has 30 members, but 15 of them don’t dive anymore!

If you join, you will get individual attention in your practical training from one or all of our 3 nationally qualified instructors, or 1 of our 2 trainee instructors (who operate under the supervision of the other 3).

And these instructors have nearly 100 years of diving and teaching experience between them and have attained the highest grade of diver within BSAC, First Class Diver, (although we tend to refer to it as fairly competent diver!) They not only teach people to dive, but also work with BSAC HQ with coaching the next group of instructors to come through, as all 3 are Advanced Instructors and Instructor trainers, working actively at national / regional and branch level.

That means our teaching is to a very high standard!

However, it gets better, we as a branch are able to teach all of the non-rebreather Skill Development coursesFirst Aid for Divers, yep, Advanced Wreck diving, yep, Boat handling, yep (although we would have to borrow the boat!). Oh, and Dive Cox’n assessment, yep!

And then Gas blending, yep, Underwater photography, yep …!

And if you are able to find one that we can’t do, I can guarantee we know someone who can!

This means we can maximise the value of your membership.

OK, so that’s the training out of the way, but what about after that, what about the diving?

Well, we are landlocked and in the middle of the country, but the advantage of that is that just about everywhere is as far away as anywhere else, so we go Northeast to the Farnes, St. Abbs or Eyemouth.  We go Southwest with regular trips to Plymouth, and Swanage is a new place for us to visit in 2022.

We go West, with Pembrokeshire being planned for 2022; we go Northwest to Lochaline and Mull

And occasionally we go directly North, to the mecca of wreck diving, Scapa Flow

Then there is the Rest of the World …France, Egypt, Maldives, Palau, Truk Lagoon, Caribbean, Menorca, Lanzarote

You get the drift, anywhere and everywhere that is open for diving, even a trip to Belgium to dive in a deep swimming pool (and sample the beer).  We have single cylinder divers, some on twin sets and a few on Rebreathers

It is a fun, social sport and the diving is organised around what the members want to do, and this means you!  When you join you, will have a voice on what and where we go.

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Why learn with EMSUB?  Some thoughts from our Diving Officer ...